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Revive Energy Mints

Revive Energy Mints, an innovative new energy supplement, is quickly forming a prominent place for itself in the energy and health food markets.

One Revive Mint provides a fast acting, long lasting energy boost and contains acai berry, goji berry, and mangosteen, three of the most powerful superfoods from around the world.

Since the introduction of Red Bull™ over a decade ago, the popularity of caffeinated beverages has rapidly expanded, accounting for billions of dollars in sales. But, unlike canned energy drinks and energy shots, Revive Mints are liquid free, meaning they can be carried in your pocket or purse and enjoyed anywhere at anytime.

One Revive Mint contains the energy of an energy drink or a cup of coffee plus all the antioxidants and health benefits of an entire serving of fruit. Making this mint a quick and convenient way for people to get their energy fix.

Revive Energy Mints pride themselves on giving customers long lasting sustained energy, without the crash of sugar loaded energy drinks.

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